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HiEff Mod™ US and Foreign Patents
Offered for Qualified Acquisition

HiEff Utility Rescue®, Pat. No. 8,826,639

High Efficiency Utility Rescue, LLC

P.O. Box 670157 Dallas, TX 75367-0157
(214) 478-8873 • john@simpkin-hieff-power.com

The Business Team:
  • John Elwell, Chief Executive Officer
  • Dr. Donald R. Wilson, Technology Consultant
  • Glenn Boisbrun, Legal Counsel
  • Mark Jacobs, Patent Advisor
  • Peggy Little Simpkin
  • Dr. Deborah Simpkin King

William Simpkin

William Edward (Bill) Simpkin (1928–2016)

Owner of multiple patents in energy engineering, Bill devoted the last 20 years of his life to sustainable, safe, environment-friendly energy production. He was intensely involved in technology retrofits that could rescue ageing power plants and vastly improved the efficiency of both old and new plants.

Read his obituary in the Dallas Morning News

The Answer Is Here. The Time Is Now.

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