High Efficiency (“Hi Eff”)
Utility Rescue® Patent

Almost 70 percent of the power generation systems in the U.S. are fossil-fueled steam generating plants. This patent resolves environmental problems inherent in them.


The High Efficiency (“Hi Eff Mod”) Utility Rescue® is a patented power generation system designed to replace the coal-fired boilers of existing worn out fossil-fueled plants as well as Generation III depleted nuclear power plants slated for retirement. Read more.

Problems that lead to our developing the Hi Eff Mod

A steam-generating plant typically requires a major, expensive rebuild every 30 years. The plant fire-box/boiler is subject to “wear and tear” and performs inadequately by today’s standards. Consequently, nearly 70% of today’s existing power plants emit toxic emissions. Read more.

Solutions provided by the VHTR-powered Hi Eff Mod

The Hi Eff Mod, using the VHTR to safely and cleanly restore total steam flow to sidelined power plants, also generates electrical power. Read more.

Helium: the Breakthrough Element in Hi Eff Mod

Hi Eff Mod couples a simple low-pressure ratio Helium gas turbine engine/alternator with a high-temperature, inherently safe Helium-cooled reactor. The gas turbine efflux becomes the heat source to produce super-heated steam needed to power an existing depleted steam plant. Helium is both physically and chemically inert and stable, and it’s never radioactive - even at extreme temperatures or in extreme high radiation fields. It’s considered locally harmless and environmentally benign in all operating conditions. Read more.

Summary of Benefits

The 2014 Hi Eff Utility Rescue patented advanced technology enables standard sized production Hi Eff Mods to be used with a broad size range of existing power plants – at major production cost reduction versus current methodologies. Key advantages include: Read more.

“Too good to be true” usually is . . .

or, so the saying goes . . . But not always.

  • Convert existing power plants into totally clean, inherently safe producers of abundant power at low cost.
  • Use inherently safe, never radioactive helium.
  • No CO2 or radioactive by-products.
  • Safe Shut Down, not Melt Down, if cooling is stopped.
  • Added, demonstrated power bonus of 40-60% greater capacity, capacity that offsets modification costs.
HiEff Mod

The Answer Is Here. The Time Is Now.